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Intérprete Jazz

Javier Botella reviews the great hits and jazz standards that make up the repertoire of the American Songbook , including contributions from George Gershwin, Cole Porter and Kurt Weill, as well as popular Latin American songs of the time, as reflected in the themes of his work Javier Botella with strings , where he performs ballads and boleros with jazzy training.


These songs in English and Spanish that have always accompanied us, can be represented in different musical formations depending on the demand of each moment, from the most intimate of the piano + voice to the overwhelming big band, passing through the quartet or the quintet.

Javier Botella intérprete Jazz

Intérprete de Jazz famoso

Interprete de jazz actual

Javier Botella uno de los intérpretes actuales de jazz y más famosos del momento os muestra su trabajo en estos vídeos. 

Interprete de jazz contemporáneo

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