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They have said about him ...

"Javier Botella and his men appear as a label where they are required, they start," swinge "and accompany the most transcendent nights of our lives" - CADENA SER



"The" crooner "of good work. Javier Botella has become the reference for " swing " in Spain. His job evokes the nights wrapped in tobacco smoke, alcohol and the music of the legendary cast of the Squad of Eleven, with Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. at the helm ”- EL PAÍS

"How does this man and his musicians sound!"


“Javier Botella, a successful Valencian businessman, left his job to dedicate himself to music, becoming a successful musician as well” - RNE

"Interview and performance by Javier Botella", La aventura del saber (La 2, RTVE)

"Concerts at home, the new musical bet of Javier Botella", Hoy por Hoy (Cadena SER)

"Javier Botella: At concerts they tell me, how nice it is to have music in your own home! Respect and absolute silence prevail", Diario Crítico

"Javier Botella, micro-concerts", No es un día cualquiera (RNE)

"Put a 'crooner' in your living room: Javier Botella relives swing classics in home microconcerts", El Mundo

"Javier Botella: «I have recorded with the microphone that Sinatra used»", ABC

"The 'crooner' of good work", El País

"Javier Botella: from successful businessman to (successful) crooner", Culturplaza (Valencia Plaza)

"Javier Botella, known as 'the Valencian crooner', takes part in micro-concerts singing and accompanied by a pianist", Planet Mediterráneo Magazine

"The Valencian crooner Javier Botella will perform boleros, Latin rhythms and tangos to the rhythm of jazz at the Palau", 20 minutos

"Javier Botella with strings", Hoy por hoy (Cadena SER)

"Javier Botella travels 'All the way' ... which consecrates him as the best Spanish crooner", Madridiario

"Javier Botella ..., the conversion of a businessman into a crooner", Otros acentos (RNE)

"Javier Botella & Copa Ilustrada Band relive the golden age of swing with concerts in Madrid, Barcelona and Seville", Europapress

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