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Javier Botella

Javier Botella , known as the Spanish crooner , is a scenic animal, a charismatic performer who gives off swing and feeling on all four sides. From a very young age he absorbed the slow rhythms of jazz and, since then, they have not stopped accompanying him. Javier was always very clear that he wanted to dedicate himself to singing, but he preferred to wait for the right moment while acquiring other vital experiences working in other professional fields and soaking up various musical influences. At the same time, he continued to train vocally and paid attention to the great masters of North American jazz, who have been his great references.


Javier Botella usually sings at night, dressed in black, wasting elegance and blending in with that moment of the day when we want to relax and enjoy ourselves, but also when we stop to reflect and remember the rest of the day, and by extension, the rest of our own life. The nocturnal environment, with its lights and shadows and its magical and special atmosphere, generates an introspective bond within us that lends itself to revealing secrets and making confessions. When this slit through which the past slides into our memory opens, it is when emotion floods us and we feel more naked and vulnerable. Intoxicated by this nostalgic energy and by his memories of fragility, Javier uncovers his soul and his voice to surrender to the truth that the most sincere lyrics and the most accurate chords exude. And he does so convinced, passionate and dedicated to the cause. He connects with the public and with the purity of the music, making the songs his own with a style and delicacy that are born from the experience and the deepest feeling of his being.

Javier Botella crooner

Javier Botella has two successful albums behind him. The first, "The best is yet to come" , was performed with the Big Band Illustrated Cup, with 16 instruments plus voice and interpreting great jazz standards. His second album, “Todo el camino” , more Latin and sentimental, was presented with string instruments and in the key of boleros and ballads in Spanish that have accompanied us throughout our lives. On this occasion, Javier returns together with Albert Sanz in "It never was you" with a proposal that is simpler in appearance but more profound and intimate, with only two voices, a piano and the wonderful melodies that these two artists sing.

Javier Botella cantante

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